BeeBox Mobile Spy
Best mobile tracking application ever

Meet one of the most efficient and easy to use application! BeeBox lets you monitor and track all types of mobile operations including multimedia, sms, contacts and many other. We developed prize-winning safety software that will turn out to be the best bet for those who take care of their children and want to prevent them from any misleading operations. Keep your kids safe and sound with the help of BeeBox monitor application and track their online activity!

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phone monitor Call monitoring

Check with everyone who gets in touch with your beloved kid! Call monitoring helps to track all recent calls and avoid children from having a bad company. Call monitoring lets you check all outgoing and incoming calls along with their duration. You will aware of detailed review of your children’s talks.

sms monitor SMS monitoring

Stay tuned and find out if your kid is planning something nasty! SMS monitoring will help you overview all his messages. At the same time you will have a chance to overview all content that is sent or received via text messages. You will be aware of topics and discussions with the help of SMS monitoring.

email monitor Email monitoring

If you are worried about emails which are received by your children, you can protect them from spam with the help of Email monitoring. This software makes it easy for you to protect children from internet blackmail and other frauds which can lead to serious consequences.

gps tracker GPS tracking

GPS tracking will let you know what places your children visit every day. Protect them from visiting bars and strip clubs. You will always know where your beloved kid is. This software lets you easily prevent your children from any troubles.

network monitor Internet usage

If you do not want your kid to be involved in all that online gambling and pornography, you can proceed with monitoring of your children’s web browsing. This software lets you track and monitor all URL links which are visited by your kids via smartphone. You can also check with their browsing history and recently visited websites.

contacts and calendars Monitor calendar & contacts

Check out all children’s future plans and contacts. Protect them from drug dealers and make him get involved in education process. Application lets you easily check with recent and added contacts as well as future planes which are indicated in calendar. You will always know whether your kid is planning to study or skip his classes.

im monitor IM tracking

IM tracking is another tool that will help you kids to steer clear of nasty habits and bad company. This software monitors all messages sent by Skype, WhatsApp and other applications. At the same time you can overview your children activity in social networks preventing them from getting into troubles.

multimedia tracker Track multimedia

This software is developed to let you know what photos and videos are shot by your kids. You will be able to sort out and track all inappropriate content and monitor multimedia files that are made via smartphone. You can prevent your children from shooting offensive and illegal videos and photos.

application control Application control

Application control app helps to track all recent apps that have been downloaded by your children. Prevent them from wasting time on all those useless games. Now they will be only focused on their education and classes. At the same time you will have a chance to supervise inappropriate activity of your kids. At the same time you will have a chance to prevent an inappropriate activity of your kids.

device management Device management

Future of your children is in your own hands with the help of Device management app. This app lets you easily proceed with locking device in case it was lost or stolen remotely. This will prevent from getting personal data to any third party. At the same time you can lock smartphone during classes so that your children were mainly focused on necessary information.